Making It Up As We Go Along- An improv story

Sylvan Improv are some of my favorite people in the entire city. I first met Sylvan Productions co-founder Andrew Moore through a TBS -sponsored comedy competition where we were teammates. From that point we became friends, and eventually I found out that he had a Tuesday night improv open mic that he was starting with co-founder Justin Gomes from their production company Sylvan Productions. Turned out that the open mic he referred to was a bunch of folding chairs in his back yard with beer, pizza, and strangers that I had never met before. By this point I was already a part of Improv Nation at SFSU, a group that emphasized structure, and having a solid improv base rather than being funny.

The Sylvan improv open mic was almost the opposite from the time it started. Bringing in a lot of attention from stand up comedians in the area, the Sylvan improv open mic is a constant stream of jokes and laughs, a freedom that Improv Nation doesn’t embrace as much.  Sure there are certain drawbacks to being completely free and lacking some structure, but nobody is censored, and that is something unique and special.

The improv open mic moved to the Dark Room Theater in the mission between 18th and 19th St. nearly two years ago and has been there until just recently.  It is a free open mic and invites anyone and everyone to come and do improv no matter what their background in improv is.  The free and inviting nature allows for a varied and welcoming environment for everyone in San Francisco. The open mic just celebrated its first night in its new venue the SUBmission at 2183 Mission St.


Sylvan Productions: San Francisco Comedy Made With Flair

When I came to this city nearly two years ago I was an actor who wrote occasionally and had hardly any experience with improv. Sure I had done improv before; my drama class had done a short section on improv but nothing serious. In high school I even started a lunchtime improv club but membership dwindled and the club fizzled into nothingness.  So sure I had done improvisation before, but mostly acting.

I’ve always had a penchant for the dramatic; it seems to find itself attracted to me (and no not the wag my finger in your face type of drama, or spreading rumors at the water cooler drama).  So when I found out that there was a group that did a free improv open mic in their backyard I was on board right away. Well maybe not right away, pitching an improv open mic that takes place in a backyard tends to garner some doubt. However, when I met all the guys who ran the open mic I was hooked.

This event was hosted by Sylvan Productions, a group of friends from high school that had moved to SF and now were dedicated to making some sort of solid comedy scene within the city, that had over some time dwindled slightly.  I’ve known the organizers of Sylvan Productions for some time and they are a group of upstanding guys with legitimate business minds. The growth from a silly backyard open mic, to the types of events they put together now, is mind-boggling at the least.  What drew me to this group the most and makes them intriguing is that the improv open mic they host (which is now based in the mission) is free and open to anyone with any level of experience.  This opportunity to do improv is the same one that got me so involved in the art of improv.

Here is an audio interview I did with Andrew Moore and Justin Gomes, two of the starters and main runners of Sylvan Productions about the start of the group and where they’re headed next.

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