Yo what’s up happening cats? What’s that? You’re not cats? Well i guess that’s ok then, I guess this will be a blog for people too. My name is Spencer DeVine and I am a senior at San Francisco State University. I’m a journalism major focusing in print and online and a humanities minor.  But more importantly( ha, some of my teachers may disagree) I am a comedian and I am an improv actor.  I do Improv for a majority of my week, spending at least three nights of my week with various Improv groups, and that’s only the scheduled nights.


This is a blog about Improv, you may not believe it but all of this is being made up on the spot (cue the oohs and ahs).  Improv is all about being able to think on the spot, adapting to scenarios, and working with others to create something out of nothing. Not surprisingly it can be more difficult for some than for others (public speaking ranks above death on a list of fears in this country), but it is a truly useful skill that can be used everyday. Some people think of improv only as a window for comedy and jokes, but rather it is a tool that can help anyone be more confident, spontaneous and creative.  I hope with this blog to not only provide news and updates from the Improv community but also I am going to give tips, tricks and guidelines on how improv can help you (yes you, *points at screen*, you can’t see it but i’m pointing fiercely).

This blog is for my Intro to online class but hopefully i can make it more than just a school project for all y’all. If you want to contact me with anything you’d like to see or any comments and/or questions contact me at Spencertdevine@gmail.com.

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